Hello 👋
My name is Jan Shirley .
The original purpose of this column is to promote depression to my friends around me. As a person who used to suffer from depression, I thought I might be able to do something when I knew some of my friends around me were also suffering from depression.
I am not good at expressing myself in words, so I tried to help people see depression rationally through words and meme(maybe 🤣).
  • I hope to create a better living atmosphere, where most people don't think depressed people are strange and need to be avoided;
  • to be a proof for depressed people that being sick doesn't mean life is over, life is always going in a good direction;
  • and finally, I hope depressed people can come out of the low period of their lives, life is precious and beautiful, we all deserve it.
  • 希望可以营造一个更好的生活氛围,大部分人不觉得抑郁患者很奇怪;
  • 为病友做一个证明,生病不代表生活就此终结;
  • 最后希望病友早日走出生活低谷,生命是珍贵且美好的,我们都值得。
最开始写相关文章时候用的栏目名,意在表达:Jan的言语可以给大家带来欢乐,栏目没有停用,只是单纯想把心理的部分拿出来,毕竟来看这些文章的大家不是来看我碎碎念的 lol ,公众号不知道会存活多久,没有达到稳定文字输出让我有点不好意思面对读者们。
Cheers 😊 Jan
Thanks to Transitive for the notion kit.